Thursday, July 18, 2013

Short Photo Update!

Just a few photos of the last few days in Bend, and what I've been up to since...
Photo's are thanks to Beckie Scott- who by the way put on a pair of rollerskis in Bend to join me for a morning workout- first time on rollerskis in 7.5 years, she didn't miss a beat, rollerskied like the champ she is (and wouldn't let me take any photos of it!) and my incredible best friend and blog tyrant Mallory who thankfully takes photos with my blog in mind to make sure I actually post things once in a while!
Louis, Zina and I doing a classic Bend activity- floating down the river in inflatable sharks and alligators, most people had more substantial floating devices than us, but we still had a blast!

We stopped in Portland on the way home from Bend, and hit up some of the city's finest spots, including Stumptown coffee, where I thoroughly enjoyed an entire latte!- which really is saying something, I'm not the biggest coffee fan...yet.

A few nights ago we hiked up to an Alpine Club hut which is perched on the edge of Castle Mountain, it was an awesome way to spend a beautiful evening in the rockies.

Great dinner spot, great company. Thanks to Devon, Kristin, Mal, Riley and Joel for an incredible last minute outing!

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