Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Amazing Last Minute Training Camp

About a month ago I was sitting not to far from where I am right now, in a state that I would describe as full on panic. Sometimes in my head I can blow things completely out of proportion, and things can go spiraling out of control. Which is pretty much what happened at our last Bend camp. My June training camp plan was crumbling, and I was scrambling, and panicking about what I was going to do.
I had 3 weeks at the end of June and beginning of July where I wanted to do some really focused good work and hard training, but I just didn’t know where I was going to do it and who I was going to do it with.
I did know a few things:

1-    First and foremost I wanted it to be in a camp situation, like most people I can do much better training when I’m away from home. I get more rest, focus more on all the little details, and am away from distractions at home. Not to say distractions are bad- I personally love all of my distractions they come in the form of awesome friends, paddle board outings, puppy visits, invites from a special nine year old to play board games, the list goes on. It is precisely because I love all of these things so much that I sometimes can’t say no that make training camps so productive. It also means that recovery weeks recharge my batteries most effectively when I take them in Canmore. These things all give me an incredible amount of energy and support when I’m not trying to fit them in between two hard sessions, a nap and a massage.
Yep-I love puppies.

And here is that special 9 year old rollerskiing for the first time. He was also my wax tech at nationals. Pretty Awesome.

2-    I wanted someone to train with who was a) a girl, b) had strengths that were my weaknesses and c) was willing to pay their way to join me on a camp somewhere. Eric and Louis chatted about it, and Dasha was on a rest period at this time, and we had already planned to do New Zealand and our Fall camp together, so we put our thinking caps on and called Zina Kocher-Canadian Biathlete. Zina is not only a girl, but she is one of the fastest skiers on the Biathlon World Cup, uphill skating is her thing, and she was able to find some funding to make the trip. I was stoked, uphill skating is probably my least favourite thing to do on skis so this was a good opportunity to learn to love it.
Zina and I doing intervals on one of Beckie’s favourite hills.

3-    I needed a place that wasn’t too high in altitude, and obviously had good rollerskiing and running. With a bonus if there were some opportunities for massage etc.

When I sat down with Tom and Eric to brainstorm we came up with a handful of solutions, but the most ideal situation seemed to be in Bend, Oregon where the boys would be at that time. Our support staff would be down there, so that part was taken care of, it’s at a lower altitude than Canmore so I could do some good intensity work, and the training is seriously awesome (I mean Beckie trained here for most of her career- how much better can it get?) 
Pretty great training out here, as Dasha likes to say “the pavement is smooth like butter!”

Now one month later I’m 100% confident that we made the best decision. Zina just went home after spending 10 days down here, we skated up Beckie’s favourite hills, improved our technique, did three really high quality intensity sessions, and a 5km running race.
We came away with some sweet ribbons at the end of our Freedom Day run!

Oh- and spent a few hours making pottery mugs on our rest day! 
Happy as clams on our rest afternoon. A couple pounds of clay and we are entertained for hours.

What I’m trying to say here is it was awesome. I’m still down here for another week, but even if the camp were over today I’d be completely satisfied that we had accomplished what we came here to do.
Best last minute training camp ever!! I can’t wait to get back to the Snow Farm in New Zealand for the next camp in August!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Perianne. Sounds like a great training trip and this is inspiring for all the Nakkertok athletes who training back here in the National Capital Area.

    Greetings and best wishes from all your XC friends and supporters in Ottawa/Gatineau.

    Marten Burns
    President, Nakkertok XC