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  1. Dear hello !
    My name is Grzegorz Przybył . I'm 24 years old and live in Poland. I'm interested in sports , especially winter . Very you like . I watch your every competition. With attention I follow your poczyniania . I'm your biggest fan . I have your posters and pictures for the special plate . I really , really appreciate you for what you are doing. I wish you much success and trophies. I have always dreamed of Thy autograph . As I mentioned , I have a special plate with your posters and pictures . For my board I lack only autograph. Very I would have asked you to send an autograph to my email address :

    Grzegorz Przybył
    ul.Leśna 35
    64-530 Kaźmierz

    It is really import_ant to me . I really care for him , so if you can not upload it , then write it as I can get .

    PS I have one request : I would like the autograph on the " Fischer " .

    Grzegorz Przybył