Friday, October 7, 2011

Park City+Whistler=3 intense but great weeks of training

NST ladies and CVTC ladies still smiling despite the rain.

Ok, so I haven’t put much up here in the last little while, but we’ve been a tad busy. We finished up our altitude camp in Park City less than two weeks ago, and now we are just about done yet another camp in Whistler. Most of us haven’t been back here since Feb 2010, and although we have experienced a lot of precipitation it has been nice to check things out, and reacquaint ourselves with this Mountain Town. Chandra, Em Nish, Allyson and I came out 24 hours earlier than the boys to meet up with the CVTC ladies, eat some tasty food, do a little training, get some girls only time, and do some brainstorming with our sweet sport psych Sharleen. It was a pretty inspiring 24 hours that’s for sure!

It was also great to hang out with the CVTC gals, and hear about what they have been up to over the summer. They were kind enough to adopt me last year for the pre-Christmas Nor-Am Races, so I’ve missed hanging out with them, and feeding off their enthusiasm.

After the boys arrived we still managed to get out a few times with the ladies group. It’s so nice for Chandra and I to have a group to train with, and have a few other brains to pick after spending two weeks training exclusively with each other we have a pretty good idea what’s going on in each other’s lives!

Our Whistler camp is drawing to a close, having done three intensity sessions including one time trial thus far, and a ski striding intensity up tomorrow before we all hop on a plane and head to the closest pumpkin pie laden dinner table. After that it won’t be long before “Frozen Thunder” our stockpile of snow in Canmore is unveiled and we will be gliding around on some of last years finest and well-preserved snowflakes.

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