Monday, September 5, 2011

After my great Alaskan Adventure I was in need of some serious rest. The mens team was in New Zealand, so I headed East to cottage country to catch up with my family and friends, and some warm weather.
It was an amazing week of rest, nothing quite beats Ontario cottage country…

I did some windsurfing, though I could have used a little more wind…

And when there was no wind Scout and I just went for a paddle…

Oh yeah, and I trained a little. The new pavement between Almonte and Blakeny is a dream.

FasterSkier reporter Alex Matthews also joined me for a day in Almonte to do some training, you can read her summary here: FasterSkier Article
Check out here other articles on FasterSkier too, they are pretty rad.
I know it looks like I was mostly hanging out alone, this is certainly not the case, but I guess when socializing we were too busy to snap any photos. A big thanks to Neil and Luci for the use of the cottage, Mom and Dad for taking a week off work to hang out with me, Kieran, Pav and Sylvie for coming out and keeping me entertained!

Now it’s back to the grindstone, Fall is in the air here in Canmore. Crisp morning air greets me each morning as I step out the door and onto my rollerskis. Luckily we are heading South in a week for our second annual Park City camp!

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