Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going to the Glacier!

Tomorrow is the first day of our hardest training block of the year. In the next three weeks we will make four separate trips up to the glacier. This first one should be interesting, as there is still a lot of snow up high, I've never been in this early, but I've heard plenty of stories of the three hour run being more like a six hour post-hole. We will be equipped with snowshoes, but it is sure to be an adventure, especially since the weather forecast is calling for thunder storms.

The glacier is always a good place to do some solid training, although as I get older I do prefer the shorter visits to the week long stints up there. The massive sleepover, where we are all essentially in one room was more fun when I was seventeen.

As long as the helicopter can fly our gear in we will start our run in tomorrow morning, and I'll do my best to update every time we come down... however by the last time it might be hard for me to put together words that make any sense.

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