Saturday, September 15, 2012

Five Months Nine Photos

The last five months in nine pictures. So many great things have been happening on all fronts that it was hard to narrow it down to just these photos, but here’s a tiny bit of what I’ve been up to since April:
We kicked the training year off with yet another training camp in Bend, Oregon. Great skiing, great food, great to be back with the team, and great tandem riding by Lenny, Devon and Joel.
The second annual NAWTA (North American Women’s Training Alliance) camp happened in Alaska. It was awesome last year, but this year it was even better with the addition of our entire Canadian women’s team, Finnish superstar Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, and a Michael Franti concert on the Summer Solstice we all came back home tired but really really happy.
Then Joel and I got married. It was really fun. We highly recommend it.
Seriously though, it was awesome.
I got out for a totally amazing mountain run at Lake O’Hara with my totally amazing friend Mallory.
We did a camp in Whitefish, Montana with the Alberta World Cup Academy, had some really productive training sessions, but also painted pottery! It was pretty much the best day ever for this crew- nothing could break the extreme focus at the crafting table.
We got a new treadmill in Canmore! It’s really cool, and will allow us to some really cool training sessions.
We’ve spent some serious time together as a women’s team this year, be prepared to be amazed by this group of ladies this Winter!
Because we mean business, and so does our coach- don’t mess with a guy in a pink jacket. That’s it, for let’s be honest- probably another few months. Nine photos, five months of sweet training, and a bit of other stuff. Thanks to Chandra, Charlotte, Noel, Matt and Mal for documenting things. Photos are always better when I don’t take them!

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