Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maui Camp!

Haleakala hasn't erupted since the 17th century, so our team thought this 3055 meter above sea level volcano would be the perfect place for a training camp, and they were right!
We had an amazing 10 days of good solid training on Maui, most of which was done on the road up to the top of the legendary volcano which was perfectly paved at a grade that will most certainly make climbing hills in the winter a little easier.

We did some camping, some surfing, lots of good training, and eating, and had an awesome time. When you put our team plus our wicked support staff on a Hawaiian island it's a recipe for success.

View from the top of Haleakala

Lenny's favourite spot on Maui- there are windsurfers out there in the surf.

Devon in his element camping on the volcano.

Joel and I went for a run on the moon while in Maui...

Running in the crater, one of the most scenic runs I think I've ever done.

Thanks to everyone for a great camp, and to One Way for keeping us safe on the roads with our new training gear!

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