Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quebec Camp!

It was a short, intense and very rainy camp we had in Quebec last week. It was awesome to join up with CNEPH and have a few more girls (and a lot more guys) to train with!
It was close enough to home that I got a weekend visit from mom and Kieran, and Kieran even braved the rain to join us for a rollerski workout which was fun.
As you can see it was pretty wet:

The rain didn’t stop us from getting in a number of very high quality intensity sessions, here’s the women’s team doing some uphill sprinting:

Rainy Quebec doesn’t seem so bad now. We are back in Canmore where I wake up to my neighbours scraping frost off their windshields in the morning, and when I look out the window I see a blanket of snow covering the surrounding mountains. It’s a beautiful sight, but it’s still September!

Luckily in a week we are heading down to Park City to our annual altitude camp where hopefully we will get some sun and warmer weather!

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