Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a Weekend!

I'm back in Almonte for a few days, and what a weekend it has been!
The International Puppet Festival is going on, and I was invited to be a special guest (not because I have anything to do with puppetry, but because Almonte is such a great supportive community).
Saturday was also Midget Training Day for Nakkertok in Almonte!! The first ever Nakkertok training session held in Almonte was quite the event, I wish it had happened 10 years ago, but I was still excited to be a part of it.

Then it was on to the Puppet Parade, where day one I got to ride in a nice shiny convertible, and day two in a 1946 Willys! There was a great turnout from locals and visitors and it was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowds.

The wonderful woman behind the Puppet Festival is Noreen Young, renowned puppeteer, and creators of Gloria, Iggy and Jay- for those of you who may remember Under the Umbrella Tree. Noreen is a pillar in our community, and it was so nice of her to invite me to be a part of the festivities.

Just some of Noreens most famous puppets- they came to my 8th Birthday Party!

Just a few of the puppets in town for the weekend...

My ride down main street on Saturday

... and Sunday

Awesome crowds out both days. I Love Almonte.

Dad and I also had a chance to get out for a run this morning, and this is what we found!...

Add fresh strawberries, corn, cherry tomatoes, and peaches, that about covers all of my favourite summer foods and activities.

Thanks for a great weekend everyone!


  1. Cool! This must have been quite a week end!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hi Perianne!
    My daughter, Danya was the little girl who rode in the jeep with you on Sunday.
    I have a favour to ask - you had given her a signed postcard and I put it through the washing machine!! I am NOT her favourite person at the moment!
    Would it be possible to have you mail us another one? If you could e mail me at I would send you our address.
    Thank you!