Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rest Day

We have a rest day here in Bend!
When we left Canmore we realized that we had a lot too much gear in the back of the van. Big White, our trusty team steed was piled high with mountain bikes, fishing rods, climbing gear, hula hoops, skateboards and soccer balls amongst other things. Since this is after all a training camp we spend most days on our skis up at Mt Bachelor. Today is the day we get to use all of our other toys, so we are busily trying to pack as many fun activities into today as we can!
My hula hoop has been used frequently, and there's a possibility for some climbing and fishing later today!

Smith Rock is a pretty well known climbing spot not far from here.

This is actually a photo from Canmore, but it's pretty much what I do for a few minutes when the sun comes out around here.

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